Vol 12, No 1 (2020)

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Vol 12, No 1 (2020)

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On Selected Mechanisms of Word Formation with Extralinguistic Implications in Mind: The Case of the English Lexical Field Medicine  (PDF)


Abstract: In the history of English various word formation processes have contributed to the development of medical vocabulary. The primary aim of the paper is to present the influence of selected word formation mechanisms on slang lexical items in the English lexical field MEDICINE. In particular, we shall mention several lexical items that can be found in medical slang. Also, we shall analyse such lexical items as roach, Bordeaux, FORD, and 45C which at first glance do not seem to be medicine-oriented. While analysing these lexical items, we shall observe what makes them creative, unique, insulting and/or unpleasant as well as puzzling and misleading for those who are unfamiliar with them. In addition, we shall try to determine plausible connections between their origin, history, and medical senses.

2016 Clinton’s and Trump’s US Presidential Campaign Texts: Adaptable Discourse for Global Political Players  (PDF)

Taofeek Olaiwola DALAMU

Abstract: This study analyzes campaign resources that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump deployed to persuade the American electorate during the 2016 US Presidential Campaigns. The researcher considers eighteen advertisements as well as selected critical speeches representing their expansive campaign substances. Halliday’s Ideational Metafunction serves as the device for processing the texts. A combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches is adopted to illuminate textual discourse features. The study demonstrates the extensive deployment of Material Processes for getting things done and Mental Processes to influence voters’ psychological perspectives on issues to avoid any turbulent incitements. Further revelations exhibit the greatness of America as prime and sacred, outweighing personal interest of Hillary or Donald, becoming the next American President. That seems the reason for utilizing discourse materials negating enmity. As linguistic choices are great communicative tools in political domains, such strategies, the study suggests, might be employed to inspire peaceful co-existence in our world..

Voters’ Perception of Government – Owned Broadcast Media Coverage of Political Candidate’s Campaigns in the 2019 Gubernatorial Election in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria  (PDF)


Abstract. This research aims at evaluating voters’ perception of government-owned broadcast media coverage of political candidates’ campaigns in the 2019 gubernatorial elections in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. The rationale behind the study was to find out whether the broadcast media provided equal level playing ground to all political contestants during the election. This was embarked upon against the claim that media ownership influence tends to exert pressure on the mass media during political campaigns. The study employed survey research design and the questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The agenda setting theory and the social responsibility theory of the press provided the theoretical framework of analysis for the study. From a sample of 570 respondents, the study found that the broadcast media gave a substantial coverage of the political candidate’s campaigns in the elections to a very great extent (53.5%). The study further established that 54.4% of broadcast media coverage projected the ruling party (APC) and its candidate more than other political parties/candidates during the election. In this study I also presented the factors that predispose the media to give more coverage to a particular party or candidate. Being a candidate of the ruling party gives an aspirant an edge over other contestants. Other factors are popularity of candidates/parties, manifestos and policies of candidates, political party affiliation among several other reasons. The study further found that voter’s assessment of the general performance of the broadcast media coverage of the election was not fair and balanced among the various political parties and their candidates. This is because the broadcast media did not give equal level playing ground to the various contenders. More attention was given to the ruling party (APC) and their candidate. Based on this therefore, the study recommends that broadcast media stations should adhere to the guidelines provided for political campaigns by the National Broadcasting Commission.

Joy(ful/less) on Facebook? An Analysis of the Emotional Profile of Public Relations Agencies in Romania  (PDF)


Abstract. This paper explores the use of emotions by the top ten Public Relations agencies in Romania (according to BIZ Magazine) in the content they posted on their official Facebook pages in 2018. The research tries to identify what emotions are present in the social media (Facebook) discourse of the agencies, how emotions and topics connect, and what characteristics of the social media profile of a PR agency can be revealed through the investigation of the emotions it uses in its posts. This paper is anchored in Robert Plutchik’s theory of emotions. I used content analysis and social network analysis, connecting attributes of the 925 posts and generating undirectional networks. The comparative analysis was focused on the profile of the agencies and the diversity of practices and attitudes of the Romanian PR industry. The research confirmed expectations that the emotions selected by the agencies were primarily from the positive, constructive spectrum. The unexpected conclusions came from the connection with topics, as a focus on projects, people or industry changed the emotion the post is associated with. While a concern for content is visible, I cannot state that there is a strategic integration of content trends and emotion awareness. This research can be used by agencies to replicate the analysis for a multi-annual exploration of their Facebook activity in order to optimize their digital identity and strategy. The originality of the paper is represented by the scale of the analysis done on a topic that has benefited from little or no exploration.

  Influencing Music Perception. A Systematic Theoretical Review on Visual Stimuli Applied in Branding and Communication  (PDF)

Adrian CHEȚAN, Ioana IANCU

Abstract. The present paper aims to theoretically assess the link between the visual stimuli used for promoting an audio material and the way that certain songs are perceived. This study is part of a broader project that intends to empirically investigate the role of visual communication incentives on the way music is evaluated by the public. Considering the role of branding and brand communication in the artistic life, the concepts of halo effect and emotional attachment are emphasized. While the way an artist is evaluated can modify the way his/her song is perceived, visual factors, including positive elements, can enhance the way music is internalized. Since there is scarce literature that correlates visual stimuli with aural perception in branding and brand communication, the present literature overview is equally relevant both for academia, from a scientific point of view, and for the industry, from a more practical perspective.

 Communication and Human Resource Management in Edo State Broadcasting Service (EBS), Benin City, Nigeria  (PDF)

Ugo Chuks OKOLIE, Tamarasere Ejiroghene AYEWUMI

Abstract. Effective communication and human resource management describe the attitude, reactions and work associated between the individual employee, or employees and their organization. It is a foundation on which the goodwill, morale, cooperation and motivation of the employees become established. This study examines the relationship between communication and human resource management in Edo State Broadcasting Service (EBS), Benin City, Nigeria. A descriptive research method was adopted and data was collected via a survey of one hundred and twenty three (123) respondents using non-probability sampling technique. The results of the study revealed that there is a significant relationship between communication and human resource management. As predicted, the study also showed that communication exerts a positive and statistically significant impact on human resource management in Edo State Broadcasting Service (EBS), Benin City, Nigeria. On the basis of these findings, the study recommends that organizations can achieve success through the synergy of communication and human resources management.